Anxiety Symptoms
Brittany Da Silva
Brittany Da Silva
July 10, 2018
Anxiety symptoms can vary from person to person, but if your symptoms are persistent and unrelenting, you may have an anxiety disorder.

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Anxiety and Chest Pain

What Does Anxiety Chest Pain Feel Like?

If you are absolutely sure that your anxiety and chest pain are related, this can be a great relief – your heart is healthy and anxiety is treatable.
by Anna Jackson on June 11, 2018
What Is Anxiety?

What Is Anxiety and How Do You Treat It?

What is anxiety? Anxiety comes in many different forms, from panic attacks, anxiety attacks, phobias, PTSD to social anxiety.
by Brittany Da Silva on May 28, 2018
Caffeine and Anxiety

The Relationship Between Caffeine and Anxiety

Before you decide whether or not caffeine has a place in your anxiety treatment plan, learn how and when it can influence your anxiety disorder.
by Lana Barhum on January 29, 2018
Video What Does Anxiety Feel Like video

What Does Anxiety Feel Like?

For someone who doesn't suffer from anxiety, it can be difficult to understand what it feels like and it can be difficult to explain what it feels like.
by Codie Wright on November 3, 2017
Books About Anxiety

7 Books Everyone With Anxiety Needs to Read

Reading can be one of the best ways to reduce the symptoms of anxiety or teach new some new coping skills. Here are our top picks for books about anxiety.
by Anna Jackson on August 16, 2017
PTSD and Anxiety

When Your Anxiety Is PTSD

PTSD and anxiety can often occur together and the symptoms are very similar to one another. However, what is the link between the two?
by Belinda Bruner on July 28, 2017
Video Talking About Anxiety

Why You Need to Talk About Anxiety

One of the worst things about anxiety is how it makes you feel alone and that if you shared your worries and fears with other people, you'd be a burden.
by Codie Wright on April 19, 2017
Derealization Anxiety

What Is Derealization and How Do We Deal With It?

Derealization is the perception that actual events are either completely unreal or dreamlike in feel. The mind uses derealization as a coping mechanism.
by Krystina Ostermeyer on April 11, 2017
Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Do I Have Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

When worry crosses the line into anxiety, it is important to know what you are up against. Here's how to tell if you may have generalized anxiety disorder.
by Eric Patterson on June 21, 2016
Women, Youth, Chronic Illness Sufferers at Risk for Anxiety

Women, Youth, Chronic Illness Sufferers at Risk for Anxiety

New research shows women are at a greater risk for anxiety than men, as are people under 35 and people with other health conditions, regardless of gender.
by Kate Turner on June 8, 2016
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