Anxiety Symptoms
Brittany Da Silva
Brittany Da Silva
July 10, 2018
Anxiety symptoms can vary from person to person, but if your symptoms are persistent and unrelenting, you may have an anxiety disorder.

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Infographic how to ease anxiety infographic

How to Ease Anxiety Right Now

Many chronic illness sufferers experience anxiety. It could be a pre-existing condition, but in many cases it is due to their pain and stress.
by NewLifeOutlook Team on April 26, 2016
Essential Oils for Anxiety

Your Guide to Using Essential Oils for Anxiety Relief

In addition to traditional treatments, essential oil therapy can bring about some much needed, fast-acting relief for people living with anxiety.
by Brandy Ostler on August 25, 2015
Do I Have Anxiety?

Do I Have Anxiety?

Because anxiety is a normal part of life, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish whether or not our anxiety has become anxiety disorder.
by Emily Jason on June 29, 2015
How to Recognize Anxiety in Children

How to Recognize Anxiety in Children

One of the most common causes for anxiety in children and teenagers are traumatic events and changes in their lives.
by Emily Jason on May 27, 2015
Infographic Why Mental Health Month Matters

Why Mental Health Month Matters

Despite the fact nearly 44 million American adults live with some form of mental illness, there is still a huge stigma attached to mental health conditions.
by NewLifeOutlook Team on May 20, 2015
Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

Recognizing the Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

Physical symptoms of anxiety take many shapes and sizes as they change in frequency and intensity.
by Eric Patterson on April 8, 2015
Chronic Pain and Anxiety

Chronic Pain and Anxiety

It is a less known fact though that anxiety can cause or aggravate an actual intense chronic pain.
by Emily Jason on March 25, 2015
Anxiety and OCD

OCD and Anxiety

There is a lot of overlap of symptoms between OCD and anxiety, but OCD is now considered a separate disorder. Learn how to spot the symptoms.
by Eric Patterson on March 17, 2015
Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression

Both anxiety and depression cause negative thoughts. The difference is that people with depression do not experience fear that something bad might happen.
by Emily Jason on February 25, 2015
Panic Disorder

Panic Disorder

Panic disorder is a condition where a person experiences repeated anxiety attacks without any obvious reason and become anxious about having another attack.
by Emily Jason on January 21, 2015