Chiropractic for Anxiety

Chiropractic for Anxiety

Treating Your Body Can Relieve Your Anxiety

No one knows what exactly it is about chiropractic manipulations that decrease anxiety, but we know it happens.

When Can Anxiety Be Helped By a Chiropractor?

One example of anxiety that is helped by chiropractic is that of someone who has been in an auto accident. Whiplash affects the upper cervical vertebrae, causing them to go out of alignment. Until they are re-aligned, the real healing can’t start. An example of this is patients who never see a chiropractor after an auto accident and end up with whiplash. They may go to the medical doctor and receive painkillers but bottles and bottles of painkillers won’t ever create the re-alignment of the vertebrae. Instead, they continue on with other treatments – corticosteroid injections that weaken the tissues by causing the collagen layer to decrease and weaken their immunity, inviting in new types of troubles. It’s no surprise that many patients who suffered from whiplash can’t return to their normal job or feel like they used to – without anxiety. They’re in chronic pain, too. In fact, studies show that months later, these patients aren’t healing. They may not have determined the bottom line cause – their neck is out of alignment.

Many Whiplash Patients Don’t Recover

Chronic pain can set off a cascade of reactions to occur inside the brain that leaves a person supersensitive to just about everything. After a while the person then starts to expect pain at every turn in life. This leads to anxiety, and quickly it becomes an endless cycle.


However, other studies have shown that once you take those ‘incurable patients’ and give them chiropractic treatments, they now begin to experience fewer incidents of anxiety and less and less pain. About 90% of them will be able to heal enough they can return to work. The other 10% may need surgery for the conditions contributing to their chronic pain.

Always Remember Your Body Will Heal Itself

The point is that your body is built to heal itself. If you continue to think about your body from an objective viewpoint, you can eventually determine what is wrong and causing the anxiety, chronic pain or other illnesses.

Here’s a little guide to get started on your journey:

  1. First remember your body is a skeleton with soft tissue on top of it. That means you are subject to the forces of physics on your body. If you fall, you most likely have a bone out of alignment. It’s physics – a force is applied and something has to go. Thus, you always have to address what has happened to your body from a chiropractic viewpoint. Remember that all the painkillers in the world will never put a vertebrae or joint back in place. Only a chiropractor will, and sometimes you might have to try a different chiropractic method.
  2. Next, remember that your body is a living organism. It must be fed. Thus, if you haven’t been eating correctly or have been starving yourself, your body is lacking nutrients. This can also contribute to anxiety. You’ll need an excellent nutritionist who can run tests on all your nutrients, not just a few. Nutrient deficiencies come in groups, never alone. So address this part of your health.
  3. Thirdly, you are a spiritual person. Do some soul-searching and find out when your anxiety started. Was it after you made a decision you shouldn’t have made? Did anxiety start as a result of postponing a decision? If so, change your course.


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