The Importance of Talking About Anxiety

The Importance of Talking About Anxiety

Accepting and Sharing Your Anxiety

Anxious thoughts, constant worry, fear and uncertainty are just a few of the things that people who suffer from anxiety have to cope with every day. Living with anxiety is not easy but it can surely be easier if you have the support of your family and friends.

Unfortunately, in most of cases people who suffer from anxiety feel ashamed of their condition and try to hide it and not speak about it at all.

Often people with anxiety are confused and think that this condition is temporary or they are to blame. The truth is that there is no one to blame for your condition and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

On the contrary, if believe you are the one responsible for your anxiety and feel like it is something that you should be ashamed of, it only isolates you more and more from the rest of the world. And isolation is the last thing you need for your anxiety.

In order to deal with your condition you will have to get help and support from your family and friends. However, to do this you will have to speak openly about your anxiety issues and explain your friends how you feel.

The first thing that you will need to do is to accept that you have a problem. And this is maybe the hardest part of coping with your anxiety – the first step. In many cases people tend to underestimate the problem and wait for it to magically disappear. This is the phase of denial. People tend to accept if they are physically injured or ill better than they can accept that they are too stressed and have anxiety issues. Often people with anxiety think they are crazy and do not know what to do.


Accepting Your Condition

It’s easy – get educated on the subject. I know that reading everything on the Internet is not always helpful, but in the case of anxiety it can help a lot. Find more information about the symptoms that you have, participate in online communities with people who share your problems, and find understanding.

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Jun 17, 2015
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