Anxiety and Anger

How to Manage Your Anxiety?

Do determine what causes your anger, you will have to pay attention to both your anxiety and anger. There are several easy and effective steps that you can make in order to cope with your anxiety issues.

Practice breathing

If this is not your first article on that topic, you have probably heard a few times that breathing means the world when we are talking about anxiety. You can make a plan and start practicing special kinds of relaxing breathing every day. You have to learn to breathe deeply and with a normal pace in order to reduce stress.


Any kind of physical activities are welcome as a part of stress-relief. You can think of something that you like and start practicing it every week or every day if you have time. Activities like jogging, fitness, and dance will help you to improve your overall health and your mood.

Yoga and meditation

If you want to cut anxiety out of your life you’ll have to pay attention not only to your body, but also to your mind. Often people do not realize how important it is to be able to rest at the end of the day and relax your brain. Just think about it – when you have been working a hard, physical job all day, you need to lay down and relax your muscles at the end of the day, right? It is the same with your brain. Yoga and meditation are one of the best ways for relaxing your mind and body after being exposed to pressure.


How to cope with my anger?

Living with anxiety can easily make you angry with the whole world. It may feel as though nothing is under your control and you can’t manage the situation. However, there are also some things that you can practice to learn to control your anxiety and avoid anger.

Write down your thoughts

This can work for both anxiety and anger. When you are feeling angry, you can notice how many negative and angry thoughts rush through your mind. Realizing that the anger is boiling, people are often trying to suppress these thoughts or not pay attention. You can try to express them in writing. Keeping a record of all the angry thoughts can help you as an alternative and safe way to express those feelings rather that keep them inside.

And again breathe and relax

If your anger is a consequence of anxiety, you will have to work on anxiety first and the anger will fade away. As we already talked about breathing and its importance, it’s really crucial to pay attention to this aspect and learn how to breathe and relax properly.

Learn to let go

You will have to learn how to let go of things and negative emotions and thoughts instead of feeding into them, which only worsens your state of mind. You will have to work on that and try not to fight those feelings. Instead, try to accept them and accept that these are normal periods and you cannot control everything all of the time.

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Emily JasonEmily Jason

Emily Jason is a writer and blogger. She has been suffering from panic attacks and panic disorder for two years and considers anxiety her hobby. For more of Emily's work you can visit her blog –

Jan 7, 2015
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