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Adriel Maldonado, Author at New Life Outlook

About Adriel

Adriel has suffered from bouts of widespread pain, fatigue, depression, and anxiety since childhood.

In 2010, at the age of 22, she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. She has struggled since then with finding the best treatment for her symptoms and is always in pursuit of living a more natural life.

Adriel went on to have two sons with her husband and they now live near Houston, TX. She does her best to make the most of her life, in spite of having a chronic illness. She enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, and blogging about what life with fibromyalgia is really like.

Adriel's Work

Driving Anxiety

What To Do When Driving Makes You Anxious

Many people experience driving anxiety in different ways. Use these methods to help decrease the anxiety you feel behind the wheel.
by Adriel Maldonado on July 7, 2017
Self-Criticism and Anxiety

Why Are We Our Own Worst Critic and What Can We Do About It?

Like any illness, anxiety prevents us from doing certain day-to-day tasks. However, this disability is often accompanied with self-criticism and negativity.
by Adriel Maldonado on May 9, 2017
Anxiety and Sleep

10 Tips for Sleeping Well Despite Anxiety

Anxiety and sleep issues go hand-in-hand. Anxiety can make getting enough sleep difficult, and not getting enough sleep makes anxiety even worse.
by Adriel Maldonado on October 11, 2016