Side Effects of Anxiety Medications

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Anxiety article: Side Effects of Anxiety MedicationsSide Effects of Anxiety Medications

Anti-anxiety medications has grown over the recent years but many still carry side effects that may cause effects that hinder and limit patient lives.

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  • How do you know when medication is necessary?
  • What does it mean when SSRI's cause dilated pupils? I was taking Effexor, which was working well, but after a year of taking the meds I developed dilated pupils that just wouldn't go away without stopping the meds. I then tried Cymbalta (against my better judgment), and it too caused the same symptom after just a couple doses. So, now I am taking Clonazepam (which is just for anxiety), but it just isn't making me feel as good as I want to feel. I have a combination of both anxiety and depression, and have battled it all my life. Any suggestions on another anti-depressant that may work (that doesn't have the serotonin in it)?...since I'm apparently sensitive to it...
  • Ive taken many medicines. Im looking for a medicine that barely has any side effects. My anxiety gives me enough nausea, heartburn, etc. Some days n nights i pace floors and try to calmly breathe. Im packing sleep cuz of my OCD too. Plz help

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